Friday, October 2, 2009


WELL, ATLEAST NAKANTA NYA YUN WITH CONVICTION.. kung ako yung andun.. the moment na nagkamali ako, baka nagkolap na ko.. hahahaha!!!



SEMPLANG QUEEN>> feelingera kasi.. nyakhak!!


welcome to our country. people here are quite healthy. each weighing not less than a thousand pounds. everybody loves meat.french fries is the only vegetable here. no one knows what a squash is. and what the hell is that thing you call stew? duh! people here don't know that garbage. look around and you'll see what i mean.
we can smell the future approaching. scientists will discover new kinds of plants. plants that bear ready to eat burgers and pizzas. see how we can save, we don't have to water them. pick any food in your own drive thru garden. MSG, fat and cholesterol free. no need to cook. no need to wash. this will be a break through technology and will be the best of all time. no more hunger. people will get fatter, healthier. no more death then. imagine, a world full of healthy people. a world full of burgers, pizzas, coke and all that jazz!
come on, suit yourself. can smell the patty? don't you have this in your own home? can you see the buffet over there? pizza, burger and coke everywhere. serve yourself, eat all you can.