Friday, September 25, 2009


what is this place?
i have been wandering for a long time.
been roaming around with no real place to go.
the vortex is sucking me into space.

i fall in and out of consciousness.
my mind is not clear enough
to understand what's happening in front of me.
this sickness is luring me towards the darkness.

i don't want to fall from grace.
emptiness has taken it's place in my heart.
loneliness is my new bestfriend.
i looked at the mirror and i'm without a face.

the turmoil is eating me up inside.
my mind is so messed up.
it's so messed up... help me bring it back together.
i am suffocating from the air of nothingness.

i am strangled by the roots of insanity.
keep me awake, else i'll die..
the vortex is sucking me into space..
 don't let me fall from grace..

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